Leave A Gift In Your Will

As an independent community radio station, Eastside Radio 89.7 FM relies on philanthropic funds and sponsorship to support the work of our volunteers in keeping us on air 24 hours a day every day.

Donations and bequests have facilitated significant advances throughout Eastside Radio’s strong history of over 34 years of broadcasting.

A bequest to Eastside Radio is a generous way for you to make a lasting contribution for the benefit of future generations. The many volunteers who prepare, present and support all of the activities of Eastside Radio greatly appreciate the demonstration of support that comes via bequests from Eastside Radio’s listeners and supporters. Bequests to Eastside Radio, of any amount, can help strengthen and expand our programs as well as continuing to upgrade our studio equipment.

Your bequest will help Eastside Radio to continue to broadcast the very best in music including jazz, blues & roots, world music, and other eclectic genres as well as stimulating talk and information programs such as Arts and Drive each weekday. Your bequest will also help to educate future generations of music lovers and musicians, as well as upcoming young broadcasters.

Eastside Radio aims to build lasting relationships with our donors. If you are considering making a bequest we invite you to discuss your intentions with us so we can thank you personally and make sure your wishes are understood and achievable.

Eastside Radio 89.7 FM is the trading name of the Radio Eastern Sydney Co-Operative Ltd, a charitable institution entitled to receive income tax deductible donations.

Suggested wording

The following is some suggested wording for a simple gift in a will to Eastside Radio:

I give devise and bequeath [% of my estate/$x /the rest and residue of my estate] to Eastside Radio for the use and benefit of Eastside Radio at its absolute discretion and I direct that a receipt from Eastside Radio shall be sufficient discharge for such gift.

We recommend that, should you wish to make a bequest, you should seek specific personal advice from your solicitor when making your Will or Codicil.

We’d like to thank you (for becoming a part of the family)

Bequests are managed by the Eastside Radio office and when you pledge a significant bequest we’d like to acknowledge your contribution by offering you the opportunity to have your name included on our Honour Wall.

Those who make a bequest to Eastside Radio may also receive invitations to official openings and private viewings of films, invitations to events at the Eastside Radio studios, or live performances around the city as well as receiving the regular Eastside Radio e-news newsletter.

For further information please contact:

Managing Director of Eastside Radio

Tony Smythe

Tel 02 9331 3000 / 0412 494 623


Some Helpful Questions and Answers

Why does Eastside Radio 89.7 FM need my bequest?

We receive little government financial support for the operation of the radio station. A major part of the income required to operate the station comes from the music and program lovers who appreciate the service we provide every day. Without this support the station would eventually cease to exist.

If I decide to leave a bequest to Eastside Radio 89.7 FM, what form should it take?

All bequests are appreciated equally. There are several options for bequests:

Specific Gift: This specifies an amount of money or property or some other asset.

Percentage or Fractional Bequest: This specifies that a percentage or fraction of the total value of your estate be willed to Eastside Radio 89.7 FM.

Residual Bequest: This wills to Eastside Radio 89.7 FM the remainder of your estate after all expenses have been met and all other beneficiaries have received their inheritances.

Whole Estate: This wills the value of your entire estate to Eastside Radio 89.7 FM.

What wording should I use in my will?

You should consult your solicitor or professional advisor. However, we recommend the following wording:

“I give devise and bequeath [% of my estate/$x /the rest and residue of my estate/all of my estate] to Eastside Radio for the use and benefit of Eastside Radio at its absolute discretion and I direct that a receipt from Eastside Radio shall be sufficient discharge for such gift.”

May I nominate how my bequest is to be used?

Yes, you may, but it is preferred that you delegate this responsibility to the Board of Directors of Eastside Radio, who are all dedicated volunteers and are aware of the station’s needs and priorities which vary with the passage of time.

How do I change my will to nominate Eastside Radio as a beneficiary?

A simple amendment to your will, known as a codicil, can be made by your solicitor for a small fee.

How will my bequest be recognised?

Your bequest will be recognised on the Honour Wall at Eastside Radio Studios or in some cases will receive naming rights. However, should you choose to remain anonymous, Eastside Radio will respect that request.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact the Eastside Radio Managing Director Tony Smythe by email at tony@eastsidefm.org or by phone during office hours on (02) 9331 3000 for advice and discussions on an informal and confidential basis