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Thank you genuinely for everything. I never would have dreamed to have a job in media and something radio related just by having a show here on Eastside, let alone at the CBAA. I also never thought that when I first turned up to volunteer three years ago, just how much it would change the course of my life; what I was passionate about, what I studied, and my future career endeavours. Thank you for providing me with the space and freedom to learn, express myself, and be creative on the air. I never would have gotten here without your initial belief in me. – Sharmaine Spencer (Eastside Volunteer 2017-2023)

Dear Eastside, Just a short note to say goodbye and thanks! My car is packed up and today I’m driving to Victoria to start work as a producer with ABC Local Radio. I’m really looking forward to a career at the ABC, which was only made possible through my time volunteering at Eastside Radio. Not only was it a great ride and a lot of fun, but volunteering gave me the vital experience that is widely recognised as being the first step to working in professional radio. Wishing you all the best and keep up the great work of producing one of the best radio stations in Sydney!  Lachlan Orr (Eastside Volunteer 2012-2015)

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