Great Idea For A Podcast?

If you have an idea for a Podcast we’d love to hear from you.

Eastside Radio 89.7FM is a community station run by volunteers, so no previous experience is necessary, just a passion for issues that affect the community, arts and music.

 – Unsure of what to pitch or what we’re looking for?

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How long should my podcast be?
Podcasts can be of any length depending on the episode for each week. Most talk shows go between 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Whatever length you decide upon is fine, just ask yourself: “Will I be able to produce every episode this week around this length?” That will give you the best indication of what your audience can expect and what you can produce on a regular basis.

What kind of content are we looking for?

You may have a passion for community issues you’d like to share with the wider community. Or perhaps you have knowledge and background in a specialist field and would enjoy the challenge of producing a weekly Podcast that brings information to a local and loyal audience. 

What should I be asking myself when pitching? 

  • Why is this podcast different? 

Today, it seems like we’re in the golden era of podcasting and saturation point is high. Think about the topic you’re covering in your podcast and think about how you can do it differently? One of the advantages of Eastside is that we encourage niche or experimental content and aren’t constrained by the parameters other broadcasters have. If you’re pitching a science show about climate change, think about a perspective that hasn’t been covered yet!

  • Who is your audience? 

Eastside Radio has a strong community with a dynamic voice. Whilst our primary audience is geared towards culture and arts programming, don’t shy away from current affairs, local history or topical issues. Think about an “ideal listener” as a character you’re sharing your story for and how you can streamline your ideas in accordance with what that person. 

  • What format will your podcast take? 

Think: panel discussion, traditional talk format, will your show have grabs, do you require additional production assistance and are you able to produce that format consistently?

  • Is your show a series or ongoing?

If it’s a 10 part series, ask yourself why it is a self-contained series, if it is ongoing ask yourself “will this be sustainable in a year?

Application: To pitch a podcast idea, please fill out the application below and send your application to

Podcast Pitching Application_ Eastside Radio 2024 pdf

Podcast Pitching Application_ Eastside Radio 2024 .docx

If you’ve got an idea for a podcast but you’re not sure where to even begin please email