Album of the week: Parallel Universe – Isaiah Collier // PREPLEASURE – Julia Jacklin

Parallel Universe – Isaiah Collier

Isaiah Colier’s album Parellel Universe pays homage to the giants of jazz and soul. He creates a timeless sound with animated vocal parts, catchy riffs, and saxophone improvisations. As a direct to disc recording, a nostalgic sound program is produced. It’s musically diverse, combining funk and gospel flavours that are topped with beautiful vocals. With the addition of yoruba chant, harmonious flute touches, 70s soul glavours, wah-wah guitar and rhodes piano, a dynamic album has been created.

PREPLEASURE – Julia Jacklin

Julia Jacklin is famous for her direct lyrics, as well as her ability to diving into the depths of stark, raw, loose and playful songs. Her album PREPLEASURE is another masterpiece from her. The tracks contain themes of underage confusion, interrogation of consent and emotional injury, and picks at the generational thread of a mother/daughter relationship, and equation of true love with the fear of losing it. As an album that touches on heavy and personal topics, PREPLEASURE presents Jacklin as her most authentic self: an uncompromising and masterful lyricist, always willing to reflect on her own life experience, and singular in translating it into deeply personal, timeless songs.