Drive Tuesday: Interview with Mikelangelo


David Barr from Drive Tuesday talks with Mikelangelo about his new album with the Black Sea Gentlemen. ¬†Titled After the Flood,the album is set around the Snowy Mountains Scheme in the 1950’s when thousands of workers from post war Europe came to Cooma to work on the scheme. The band stayed in Cooma to soak up the feel for what it would have been like for all these newcomers. The album is loaded with humour and sadness and at times bleakness. But all through the irrepressible¬†Mikelangelo takes us on a musical journey with the talented Balkan style band. The album is a genre bender played with great style.

Mikelangelo plays a couple of songs from the album during the course of the interview. The new album is out on 6 May and is worth looking out for.