From Chopin to Django, Rollins to Dewhurst- the jazz journey of Hilary Geddes

Sydney based jazz guitarist Hilary Geddes is the most recent recipient of the prestigious Jann Rutherford Award. Established in 2005 with active involvement from Sandy Evans, the Award provides support to young female jazz musicians in the early stages of their professional careers. Eastside’s Mick Paddon</strong> has recorded a detailed interview with Hilary. They discussed her music and her musical education. They talked about her musical influences and the challenge in finding female role models among jazz guitarists. Given the origins of the Award, Hilary talked about the gender disparities in tertiary music courses, though she says things are changing. Her currently listening reflects her broad range of musical interests and influences. From the interview, Mick has put together a profile of Hilary which includes music from live performances by the Hilary Geddes Quartet recorded by Eastside’s Peter Nelson The profile first aired on 89.7fm at 13.00 on Thursday October 29th as part of Mick Paddon’s weekly show Time and Space.
Hilary Geddes and her quartet perform at the Sydney international Womens’ Jazz Festival on Wednesday November 4th at Foundry 616