Introducing: Listen to Darlinghurst

A six-part audio story podcast produced by Impact Studios and broadcast on Eastside Radio 89.7FM.

Introduction with Anna Clark & Catherine Freya

Impact Studio’s 5th season of History Lab, Listen to Darlinghurst, is a rich community storytelling of Darlinghurst’s layered history. Produced by Catherine Freyne, the University of Technology Sydney presents a thrilling podcast series from the Australian Centre of Public History (ACPH), made in partnership with the Paul Ramsey Foundation.

About the Series

The History Lab podcast aims to explore the gaps between us and our past. Its season 5 series, Listen to Darlinghurst, looks into the impacts of Sydney’s ever-changing community, its political history and the evolving culture. In doing so, it recognises the now pedestrian nature of Darlinghurst and addresses its dwindling texture and diversity. The show features a range of past and present voices who have experienced the suburb as it changes with time, including workers, artists, custodians and more. With everything from liquor licensing restrictions to health crises, this series is packed with the rich history of Sydney’s very own, Darlinghurst.

About Darlinghurst

Darlinghurst, located on the Eastern edge of Sydney’s inner city, is Gadigal land and is a part of the Eora nation. The lively suburb is a residential area wedged between famous historical places, such as Woolloomooloo, Kings Cross and Surry Hills. Whilst it has become gentrified, it continues to be an important locale in residents hearts and the focus of many current projects held by the Australian Centre of Public History.

Tune into Tuesday and Thursday Drive throughout June to heard the podcast series Listen to Darlinghurst.