Meet Hugh, Eastside’s Newest Intern


My name is Hugh Phillips. I am a 21-year-old uni student studying communications. Who is very excited to start here at Eastsidefm.

I returned from London early this year, where I was working at a live music venue that ran stand-up comedy, some very cool live music and karaoke. In a week, I would have barked on the street, told some jokes, watered the plants, mc’ed for the bands, and hosted the karaoke until the early morning. 

Originally from Sydney, it was not until the somewhat solitary experience of moving to London solo and the forced observation of the goings on around me that I really started to appreciate art and attempts to express the human condition. This, compounded by a love of music and now studying journalism, has made me very excited to get into Radio.

All sorts of music really excite me. I love really manic Jazz and Deep Blues. However, my favorite band is and will always be Pavement. At the moment, I am really into a Philadelphia country rock band called Florry.

I am really excited to start here at Eastsidefm and learn as much as possible.