Ooooby brings the Farmers Market to the Web

All of us, at one point or another, have considered changing our diets to reflect a more sustainable way of eating. Yet time and time again, we can’t seem to find an easy way to maintain that lifestyle. We try our best at buying local or organic but always end up falling back into our old ways due to the stress of finding healthy foods and cooking it the right way.

This is where Ooooby comes in. Ooooby stands for Out Of Our Own Backyard. It is a company that works as a delivery service that dedicates their lives to finding and delivering the freshest possible food they can find. They have taken the stress out of finding locally grown foods and brought it to your very own computer. A social business set up in Auckland NZ under founder Pete Russell and now expanded to Sydney, under the dedication of Murat and his team, Ooooby have joined forces with local growers and come up with a solution to finding healthier vegetables and fruit.


Completely organic, with labels such as ‘certified organic‘, ‘certified bio-dynamic‘ and ‘natural‘ produce, you can be sure that the produce that arrive on your doorstep is 100% fresh without worrying how the food has been treated during the process of leaving the farm and being delivered to your door.

The idea is you can go to the Ooooby website, pick a vege/fruit box that suits your needs and have it sent to you ready for the week. All produce comes from local community farmers and all the profits made from the box sales get reinvested back into local food production. They exist to rebuild local food economies. Certainly currently profits are being reinvested in order to fund Ooooby endeavors though their mission is to make a real impact and that involves local food production as a whole.

Each delivery comes with a leaflet that outlines everything that will be in the box for that delivery, who grew their food, where it came from and how it was treated. It keeps everyone in the loop about exactly how their food was treated before it arrived at their doorstop.

Ooooby founder Pete Russell

All food that is chosen for the boxes are seasonal and fresh, helping to keep us busy city folk sticking to a healthy eating food regime.

The company director Pete Russell and his team have aimed to take out the ‘middleman’ in the fresh food operation, making access to fresh organic food easier and letting us know that our money is going directly to the growers to help their business. This way the money is kept out of retailers pockets and into the hands of farmers who need it most.

The boxes can be customised to fit everyones needs as well. Each Thursday, Ooooby will send you an email letting you know what’s going into the box for this week. In that email will be an option to remove items that you don’t want from the box. As long as this selection process is done before 8.00am Friday, you are free to eat what you please!

Delivered to your door every Tuesday!

As well as fruit and vege, Ooooby also offer a range of artisan goods for you to choose from. These are called extras and range from fresh bread, fresh eggs, drinks, olive oils, flour and more.

Depending on your location in the city, your delivery should be expected on either Tuesday or Wednesday. All deliveries are finalised by 8:00am Friday so if you have requests for your delivery it’s best to contact them before that time.

So Eastsiders, we have no reason now to not eat healthy. We can have our organic diet and have the produce delivered and we don’t have to lift a finger other than to press okay for our delivery.

For more information about this awesome community food delivery system, check out Oooobys website here.

The Ooooby Sydney team with Murat at the back tucking in!

Who: Ooooby

What: Fruit, veg & food delivered to your door!

When: Within 48 to 72 hours from being picked on local farms!

To Find Out More Visit Their Website Here