Stu Hunter releases his third album

The Sydney-based pianist premiers his highly anticipated and brand new work at SYDNEY FESTIVAL, on January 9, 2016. 

The third in a series of critically acclaimed suites by composer/pianist Stu Hunter. Beginning with the muse (2007) and followed by the gathering (2010) – the migration lifts the roof off in it’s scope and intensity. Driving grooves and lush sonic landscapes form powerful scaffolds on which to drape rich harmonic complexity and deep emotive melodies.


The world is a seething melting pot like at no time before in it’s history.  Ideas and cultural expressions race around the globe in an instant via the Internet. the migration is a response to modern life, love, family, cultural complexity and the blurring of cultural identity within the global diaspora – performed by a world class ensemble featuring ten of Australia’s finest musicians.

the migration features Simon Barker (Daorum, Showa 44) on drums and percussion; Cameron Undy (Twentieth Century Dog, Venue 505) on bass, Carl Dewhurst (Australian Art Orchestra, Showa 44, Daorum, Scott Tinkler’s Drub) on guitar; Matt Keegan (Matt Keegan Trio, Friedman Fellowship winner, The Beautiful Girls) on Tenor and Bari Sax and Alto Clarinet; Julien Wilson (Julien Wilson trio, Black Armband, Australian Art Orchestra) on Tenor Sax, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet; James Greening (The World According to James, Australian Art Orchestra, Jackie Orszacsky) on the Trombone and Pocket Trumpet; Phil Slater (Australian Art Orchestra, Band of 5 Names) on the Trumpet and Flugel Horn; Tina Harrod (Jackie Orszacsky, Jimmy Barnes) and Katie Noonan on Vocals.

Stu Hunter made his name behind the scenes, touring internationally and performing with the likes of Passenger, Silverchair, John Butler Trio, and Portishead. Hunter made his solo breakthrough with his much-lauded album the muse in 2007, followed by his sophomore suite the gathering (2010) which The Australian declared “a milestone in contemporary jazz”. the gathering was awarded the 2010 Australian Independent Music Award for Best Independent Jazz Album along with the Bell Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album the same year.

Hunter’s experience as an international session musician saw him perform such a broad range of musical genres that he does not see himself as a straight up jazz musician. In an interview with blogger Alice Body, Hunter talks of his years pre the muse being like an “apprenticeship” that formed “such a diverse range of styles and expressions” which now informs his writing.

Stu Hunter has performed at numerous Festivals including the Melbourne International Jazz Festival known for showcasing some of the world’s most important and iconic jazz artists, and the Wangaratta Jazz Festival..

What: premiere of Stu Hunter’s latest album the migration at Sydney Festival

Where: City Recital Hall

When: 9 January 2016, 8pm

For more informatoin on Stu Hunter and his work, visit his website.