Tania Wursig on the Bondi Sea Wall + the Australian World Orchestra

This week on the ‘Bondi Sea Wall Project’ we feature an alluring mural painted by visual artist Tania Wursig (pictured above). Tania is an Australian visual artist specialising in portraiture.

Since 2011, Tania has embraced a travelling lifestyle, splitting her time between Sydney and the captivating islands of Tahiti. As an artist in residence, she spends three month periods immersed in the breathtaking surroundings and vibrant Tahitian culture, it’s left  an indelible mark on her artistic expression.

Whilst in Tahiti she paints, exhibits, and conducts her now renowned Painting in Paradise art retreats, where participants can join in an immersive creative experience surrounded by the beauty of the islands. Hear Tania‚Äôs fabulous story this week on Arts Wednesday.

Alexander Briger and the Australian World Orchestra

Also we chat to Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Australian World Orchestra, Alexander Briger. The AWO brings celebrated Australian musicians together who reside and work with major orchestra around the globe. Once a year they gather in Sydney and Melbourne for a short series of concerts. This year they are performing Mahler’s 9th Symphony, his last completed symphony. It is a monumental work that requires a large orchestra.

Mahler’s 9th is ostensibly about death, not only his daughter’s recent passing, but also his own impending death from a fatal diagnosis. However there is also an acceptance and reflection that death is part of life. A deep and philosophical masterpiece that encompasses a wide range of emotions.

The Sydney concert is on 24 November at the Sydney Opera House.