Monday Morning at Eastside Radio With Alicia!

Hey! My name is Alicia and I am currently a year 10 student at Abbotsleigh. For the span of one week, I will be attending Eastside Radio as work experience. Choosing an experience or job in a genre that I felt passionate about was the most important key I kept in mind while searching for my experience.

Eastside radio station caught my eye as music and jazz had always been a huge part of my life and I was interested in expanding my knowledge in the Australian music scene. They had amazing community interactions and feeds and I was so gripped on getting to know what goes on behind the scenes.

A bit about me is I started playing music from a young age, starting at the piano and breaching onto the cello. I continued to focus on the cello, which I still play today, but I later learned how to play the flute (from my grandma!!) and teaching myself the acoustic guitar and vocals in the early phases of COVID lockdowns. So it would be no surprise that my favourite hobbies are listening to music, playing music, as well as reading and painting.

A bit more about my music taste! My spotify stats show that my most listened genres are Pop, Indie and a bit of alternative. A fun hobby of mine is to go on soundcloud to find new artists or uprising artists and productions. A fun fact is that I discovered Gracie Abrams (Now a grammy nominated and award winning artist!) in her early youtube and soundcloud days and fell in love with her unique sound and intimate song writing. It was super satisfying to watch her grow as an artist and end up opening for Taylor Swift’s tour, and visiting australia on her first album tour – The Good Riddance tour! Above are some photos I took!

My Most listened artist of all time is Pheobe Bridgers and this is my favourite song of hers! (But my favourite recording of all time is Harbor by CLAIRO

Some of my other favourtie artists include Adrianne Lenker, Fiona Apple, Jeff Buckley, Boygenuis, radiohead, maggie rodgers and Elliot Smith. Recently, I’ve had All I need and Donut Seam on repeat

This is my favouriteeeeee album release of recently and it has been on repeat!! It’s Adrianne Lenker’s new album – Bright future. A good guitar accompaniment with intimate lyrics and writing can never go wrong.

I am so excited to spend my week at Eastside Radio, getting to know the people and production behind the scenes. I hope I end my week with lots of new knowledge and information about the Australian Music scene!

Lastly, to bless your ears, hear is a live preformance of Not a lot, just forever by Adrianne Lenker and her amazing guitar skills.