Dresden Vision Glasses To Suit Everyone

Glasses shouldn’t be precious. We lose them, we break them and we wear them out. We depend on them to keep us able, mobile and safe. Heaps of us simply can’t see without them – and for the rest, it’s just a matter of time.

Glasses should be affordable, practical and durable.
It should be quick and painless to replace them. We should have multiple pairs at hand – because life is hectic, and ever changing.

We’re here to democratise glasses. With one frame shape to cut down costs, premium lenses as standard, and easy access to our stores, contact centre and website so you can reach us wherever you are.

No trends, no tricks – just great quality and service. Good glasses for smart people. 

Our glasses start at $100 and multifocals from $250. We have an always on offer where all additional pairs of glasses are 40% off.

Glasses are made with sustainable and ethical manufacturing in Australia. Our frames are made in Sydney. Frames are made from recycled and recyclable materials. We are an Australian Made partner. Our frame fronts and arms are interchangeable, creating limitless colour possibilities.

What: Dresden Vision

Where: Newtown (South) 419 King St Newtown 2042 

Newtown (North) 278 King St Newtown 2042 

Rozelle 625 Darling St Rozelle 2039

When: All Sydney Stores Open Mon to Sat except Newtown North (Tues to Sat) 

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