Album of the Week: Rising – Jasmin Myra// Young, Dumb & Wild – Andy Golledge

Rising – Jasmin Myra

Jasmine Myra’s album, Rising, is uplifting, vibrant, confident and beautifully arranged. Although inspired by her musical influences, Kenny Wheeler, Bonobo and Shabaka Hutchings Myra still delivers something unique, beautiful and profound through this new album. Rising is a reflection of Myra’s experience during lockdown where struggles with mental health arose, and these experiences comet together to create extraordinary music. The album features the same musicians as Myra’s debut album and the team comes together to create the subtle textures of Rising as well as provoking a sense of empathy and drive that is needed for the radiant journey that is Myra’s music. A string quartet is also used brilliantly to elevate several of the songs in Rising.

Young, Dumb & Wild – Andy Golledge

Andy Golledge has embarked on another a remarkable journey of artistic and personal growth.¬†‘Young, Dumb & Wild’¬†encapsulates this journey, exploring themes of change, ageing, new love, and the myriad emotions that accompany them. Golledge is a brilliance of the Australian Alternative-Country scene, and this album represents the next chapter in his musical evolution. The album contains stories from his personal experiences with performance anxiety, youthful recklessness, liberation on stage, embracing our inner children and other personal anecdotes.