Meet Jess, Eastside’s Newest Intern!

A hopeful beginning to a radio broadcaster in the making.

Radio is the great survivor and continues to provide connection, conversation and art.

Who am I?

Hi I’m Jess, an 18 year-old university student with a dream of working in radio broadcasting. I’m originally from Newcastle, NSW, however I am currently living and studying at the University of New South Wales. I have just completed my first term, doing a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Social Science and I am thrilled to be joining the Eastside radio team!

Why radio?

I love to talk, converse and discuss. I was never someone to be super passionate about school work or academics, but I was often getting into trouble for talking. The people around me, the ideas they have and the knowledge they hold have so much power in our society. What better way to express such topics than on a mode of media which is so accessible to the world. I decided on radio relatively early on. First, it was the idea of such a career, but now its the ability to express my words, recognise art, culture or politics and have people from anywhere hear what I have to say.

My interests

My interests lie in communications, journalism and sociology. Basically, I like people! I think it is so powerful to be able to have as much access to the world as we do now. Technology has created a global village and I want to explore it. I don’t have much of an end goal in life, but I do know I want to learn, experience and create. In this case, that will hopefully be in radio.

Some of my other interests I have include musical theatre, pop/ indie music and reading. I think these are all some form of art that represent expression and culture. I believe in living a thousand lives and in my opinion that is the way to do so.

A favourite show tune of mine – ‘Once Upon a December’ Anastasia (Broadway Musical)